Ferry Lines

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In the west, Albania is made up of coastline that runs along the Adriatic and Ionian seas. The division of these seas is marked by the Bay of Vlora, about 170 km north of the southern border with Greece, and the Strait of Otranto, which also marks the narrowest point.
In the sea where only 72 km of water separates Albania from Italy.


  • Anek Lines Lato Adriatika + 355-52-220106 http://www.adriaticatraghetti.com
  • Adriatica Traghetti Adriatica I Adriatika + 355-52-220106  http://www.adriaticatraghetti.com
  • Adria Ferries AF Francesca Adria Ferries +355-52-220105  http://www.adriaferries.com
  • Adria Ferries AF Michela Adria Ferries +355-52-220105  http://www.adriaferries.com
  • Adria Ferries AF Claudia Prima Adria Ferries +355-52-220105   http://www.adriaferries.com
  • Wavelord Navigation Co Ltd Rigel Duni +355-52-230200  http://www.ventourisferries.it
  • Wavelord Navigation Co Ltd Bari Duni +355-52-230200  http://www.ventourisferries.it
  • European Seaways Ionis D.I.D Shipping +355-52-236220  http://www.didshipping.com/
  • Red Star Ferries Red Star I Euro Ferries +355-52-906448  http://www.european-ferries.com
  • Albanian Ferries Adriatica King Kad +355-52-225154  http://www.kad.al
  • European Seaways Bridge D.I.D Shipping +355-52-236220   http://www.didshipping.com/
  • Adria Ferries AF Marina Adria Ferries +355-52-220105  http://www.adriaferries.com

    Ferry company Travel schedule Agency

    • Vlorë-Brindizi 8 hours AGOUDIMOS LINES
    • Vlorë-Brindizi 8 hours RED STAR FERRIES
    • Vlorë-Brindizi 8 hours EUROPEAN FERRIES

    Ferry company Travel schedule Agency

    • Sarandë-Corfuz 30min Ferry "Dolphin”
    • Sarandë-Corfuz 1.30 min Ferry"Kaliope"