Academy tourist complex

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Akademia hotel located in Voskopoja a small touristic village near Korca Albania.Only 18 km from Korca, Voskopoja is an old town with a rich Byzantine history and monuments that include a considerable number of orthodox churches and monasteries. Situated amidst pine trees Akademia Hotel in Voskopoja, offers a unique combination of things composed of; beautiful nature, a rich history and culture as well as good food & services. Built in 1954 in a style that does not clash with the surroundings, the main building has a charm of its own that has been accented with a recent face lift. The hotel is an oasis of quietness with its distinct character that changes from season to season like the area around it. It is a river of colors from spring to autumn with green being dominant while, it becomes a sea of white from the winter snow. It is a place for active people who like to go out and explore the nature around them, and people who like to play sports of different kinds in the clean air of this beautiful part of the country. All this and more is on offer at Akademia where the words comfort and active seem to go hand in hand.

Akademia Hotel has a total of 28 rooms of which 20 twins, 7 doubles and 1 suite. All offer standard comforts including; en-suite bathrooms with shower, central heating and TV. There is no need for air conditioning because this is generally a cool area of the country at a high altitude. The rooms are spacious clean and tidy. The hotel has a parking lot, a children's playground, an outdoor sports quarter where basketball and mini-football can be played as well as a Bar-Restaurant that offers different culinary specialties both Albanian and European. It also has a popular tavern where music and dance can be enjoyed. The staff is courteous and able to communicate in English.At hotels bar and restaurant you can taste different culinary specialties Albanian and European. The hotel has also a popular tavern where music and dance can be enjoyed. The staff is courteous and able to communicate in English.
Voskopoje village