Coastal Albania

Coastal Albania Places

Karavasta Lagoon is the biggest lagoon  along Albanian coast, with an area of 4,330 ha. It is one of  twelve National Parks of Albania, and it has many important values for bio-diversity.

Regarding the beaches which belong to Kavaja district it is worth to mention the Karpen and Spilleja beaches, which have a good reputation for the high quality of sand ( rich in iodine) , sea waters and dens

Ksamili Islands. The four marvellous Ksamili islands only 8.9 ha when measured together feature some of the most unspoiled beauty in all Albania.

One of the most attractive areas of the Albanian Adriatic is Lalëzi Bay, situated between Rodon Cape and Bishti i Pallës.

In south of embouchure of Vjosa there is Lagoon of Narta, which has an area of 4180 ha, the second biggest lagoon in Albania.

National Park of Llogara is situated  40 km south of Vlora at the dividing point between the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.This park is notable for its expansive pine forests.