Southeastern Albania

Southeastern Albania Places

Lake Ohrid is one of the most beautiful tectonic lakes of the Balkans, located on the shared border between Albania and Macedonia.

Maligradi Island is located in Grand Prespa Lake in front of Pusteci ( Liqenas ) village.

National Park of Drenova Fir boasts an area of 1,380 ha and features the magnificent Morava Mountain.

Osumi Canyons are 26 km length, in an altitude of 450m from sea level. It is supposed they have been formed 2-3 million years ago from water erosion that dips in to the earth.

Prespa National Park is the largest park in Albania. It is 27,750 ha and touches the Prespa lakes.

The Fir of Hotova National Park is located in the region of Frashëri, 35 km northeast of Përmeti. The “Hotova Fir” is a significant regional species and graces the countryside throughout the park.