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Nature in Albania comes in a variety of forms and offers numerous opportunities for exercise and enjoyment through sports and activities, all of which can make for a remarkable vacation. Mountains and hills, which occupy two-thirds of the country and extend from the north to the south, offer opportunities for hiking, trekking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, cave exploration, etc.
The most beautiful and most frequented areas are those of the Albanian Alps, including Thethi, Valbona, Vermoshi, and Razma; the area around Korça with many hot spots like Voksopoja, Dardha, Vithkuqi and Boboshtica; and many other points like Dajti, Llogaraja, Gërmenji, and Tomorri.

Albania is home to a dense hydrographic network. The country offers numerous rivers and gorgeous valleys that are full of narrow gorges, canyons and other surprises. Water sports such as rafting and canoeing are very popular in the region. Some of the best locations to visit for water enthusiasts are the canyons of the Osumi river, the Këlcyra gorge, the upper Vjosa where it flows into the Përmeti region, the Devolli valley, and the Shala Valley in the Albanian Alps.
Albania also has a number of places suitable for air sports, such as paragliding. The best places for these sports are Llogara, and the mountains of Morava in Korça. In recent years, Albania has been the host of many international air sport races.