In the north part of Durres city is situated the Currila beach , where the water is deeper and the beach is protected from the worm wind coming from the land.

Dajti National Park is situated in the east of the capital and has a surface of 3,300 hectares. It is located in the eastern part of the scope of Tirana, 26 km east of the capital and 50 km from "Mother Teresa" airport.

Situated in the southeast of Korca ( 20 km), Dardha lays in a valley among the hills of Saint Peter, autums rock and some other hills. This village offers an ideal climate, fresh air with high level oxygen.

Dhermiu that follow more in the south of Albania is one of the most frequented and important tourist places of Albanian littoral.

The first excavations at this site began in the year 1963 headed by Albanian archaeologist Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Mano. Since that time, a 30m long stoa (covered walkway) has been unearthed.

Divjaka Pine National Park. This park is located in Karavasta lagoon and has been protected since 1994 by the Ramsar International Convention.